GCPD: The Blue Wall #2 Micro-Review – Hard-Hitting

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GCPD The Blue Wall 2, cover, 2022, Reiko MurakamiTITLE: GCPD: The Blue Wall #2
AUTHOR: John Ridley
Stefano Raffaele, Brad Anderson (Colorist), Ariana Maher (Letterer). Cover by Reiko Murakami.

RELEASED: November 15, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Here’s a nominee for hard-hitting comic book quote of the week: “…racism looks the worst when it’s dressed like power.”

There’s a lot of hard-hitting stuff in here, actually. We’ve got parolees trying to stay on the straight and narrow, a police commissioner trying to overcome trauma, a “hero cop” coming to grips with freezing on the job, an officer dealing with racist colleagues…

This issue directly references something that happened with Renee Montoya back in Gotham Central. So for those of us wondering if this book is a spiritual successor to that classic series, there’s your answer.

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