George Lucas on Star Wars: Senator Jar Jar

***Think what you will about George Lucas, but in terms of Star Wars, it can all be traced back to him. That’s why I always find it so interesting to listen to him talk about it. His creative process, the reason certain decisions were made, and how these movies became the pop cultural staples they are. This space is dedicated to just that. This is “George Lucas on Star Wars.”***

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

The Scene: Jar Jar Binks returns in Attack of the Clones as a representative for Naboo in the senate. He later stands in for Padme as a senator, and motions that Chancellor Palpatine be given emergency powers to create an army for the Republic.

George Lucas Says: “We set up Jar Jar in this one, being from Naboo the most obvious thing is that he would be part of the senator’s entourage. So he’s not really a senator, but a representative of the gungans in the senate from Naboo. Which ultimately becomes more of a plot point.”

I Say: Jar Jar being part of Padme’s entourage is…obvious? Um, no it isn’t.

From both a viewer’s perspective and an in-universe perspective, Jar Jar was a clown. A buffoon. A laughingstock. Why would anyone want him as their representative in anything?

But of course the real reason he’s there is because George wanted something for Jar Jar to do, and there wasn’t necessarily a place for him anywhere else. I suppose he could have gone with Obi-Wan on his investigation into Padme’s assassination. But Detective Jar Jar? Nah, I’ll pass.

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