A Tim Drake: Robin #8 Micro-Review – Water-Proof Motorcycles?

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Tim Drake Robin 8, cover, April 2023, Dan PanosianTITLE: Tim Drake: Robin #8
AUTHOR: Meghan Fitzmartin
ARTISTS: Nikola Cizmesija, Lee Loughridge (Colorist), Tom Napolotano (Letterer). Cover by Dan Panosian.
RELEASED: April 25, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Are Tim Drake and Kate Kane supposed to be close friends? Tim Drake: Robin #8 acts as if they are. But they virtually never appear together, do they? Nevertheless, it’s cool to see two LGBTQ characters teaming up like this.

This issue sees our two main characters burst out of the waters of Gotham Marina on motorcycles. Tim says he’s been working on making the motors on the bikes waterproof. That can’t be a thing in the real world…can it? It’s got to be comic book science.

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