An Action Comics #1051 Micro-Review – Family, Quality, and a Boob Joke

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Action Comics 1051, cover, January 24, 2023TITLE: Action Comics #1051
AUTHORS: Philip Kennedy Johnson, Dan Jurgens, Leah Williams
Various. Cover by Dan Mora. 
January 24, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman having an extended “family” the way someone like Batman does. To me, it ruins his whole “Last Son of Krypton” thing. But damn, look at that cover. At least Dan Mora makes them look good.

There’s an “untold chapter” in this issue from Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks’ Lois and Clark series. It’s quality, just like that series was.

Power Girl also gets a spotlight story in this issue, complete with a boob joke. Because I guess we can’t have a Power Girl story without at least one boob joke. Oye…

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