Power Rangers Dino Fury, “Wishful Thinking” Review

SERIES: Power Rangers Dino Fury

EPISODE: S29:E16 – “Wishful Thinking”
STARRING: Russell Curry, Hunter Deno, Kai Moya, Tessa Rao, Chance Perez, Jordan Fite
WRITERS: Becca Barnes, Alwyn Dale, Guy Langford
DIRECTOR: Chris Graham
PREMIERE DATE: September 29, 2022

SYNOPSIS: A Sporix Beast grants the Rangers’ wishes…with major consequences.

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Torum Heng, who provides the voice for Mucus, also portrays her in human form in this episode (shown below). I love that this show gives voice actors like Heng and Campbell Cooley (who voices Scrozzle and Slyther) a chance to show off their in-person acting chops. Voice actors are often some of the most versatile and flamboyant performers you’ll ever see. Heng’s work in this episode is a testament to that.

The monster in this episode turns Ollie into an action figure, Amelia into a 12-year-old, and Izzy into a…smaller version of the T-Rex Champion Zord? I love that. What I love even more is that she actually fights as the zord. It’s pitch-perfect Power Rangers silliness.

What’s more, you’ve got to know Tessa Rao had fun doing those voiceover lines. The woman got to roar like a Tyrannosaurus, for cryin’ out loud! What’s not to like?

Then of course, we get the capper of the Red Ranger riding on the damn robot dinosaur during a fight. They were batting a thousand with this Izzy/T-Rex thing.

Shavaughn Ruakere returns as Ollie’s mother…whose first name is Lani, according to a Power Rangers wikiShe’s remarkably calm during her talk with Javi about not letting fame skew his priorities. Considering, y’know, her son is now six inches tall and made of plastic.

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Toy Chest Theater: Wolverine vs. T-Rex!

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Here we have an image that asks a question: Who would have the more terrifying roar: Wolverine or a T-Rex?

This image from Ian Saunders has a lot going for it. The simple figure choice and positioning both work well. The idea of a confrontation between these two is a great idea on its own. The bright yellow to dark orange background creates a nice and intense vibe, will also obviously invoking a sunrise. The glow it casts on Wolvie in particular is great. I also love the spittle around the T-Rex’s tongue, which adds that little extra touch of realism.

The really fun thing about this pic? You can hear it. Wolverine’s primal bellow mixed with the gargantuan T-Rex roar from Jurassic Park. It’s enough to give you chills.

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Fatherhood: Dinosaurs and Potty Training

Tyrannosaurus Rex, toilet scene, Jurassic ParkBy Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

My three-year-old is big into dinosaurs right now. She’s going to be one for Halloween. She got her costume today, and now I can’t get her to take it off.

For a split second, it occurred to me: “Maybe she’d like to see Jurassic Park!”

Then in that same split second, I remembered the scene from that movie where the lawyer gets gobbled up off the toilet by the T-Rex. Seeing that would probably send the wrong message from a potty training standpoint…

That, and the whole “humans being devoured alive by dinosaurs” thing. That doesn’t help.

Incidentally, Jurassic World: Dominion SUCKED. I mean, how much worse could you possibly screw things up?

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