A Tim Drake: Robin #3 Micro-Review – The Most Effective Disguise in Comics

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Tim Drake Robin 3, cover, November 2022, Riley RossmoTITLE: Tim Drake: Robin #3
AUTHOR: Meghan Fitzmartin
Riley Rossmo, Lee Loughridge (Colorist), Tom Napolitano (Letterer)

RELEASED: November 22, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

This issue suffers from bad timing. Normally the “all the past Robins together” thing works, whether it’s in a fight scenario or some kind of big group meeting. But we just saw it a couple weeks ago in Batman vs. Robin #3. So to see it again here came off a little lame.

Also lame? That Robin meets Tim Drake’s boyfriend Bernard in this issue, and Bernard doesn’t recognize him. It’s that classic, yet no less ridiculous rule that somehow the domino mask is the most effective disguise in superhero comics.

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