Epic Covers: Justice Society of America #1 by Dan Hipp

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

The New Golden Age #1 had its ups and downs, which isn’t necessarily what you want to say about the lead-in to your new Justice Society of America series, which begins this week.

But nevertheless, the issue had a strong cover game, as evidenced by this really fun variant from Dan Hipp. Though I must confess, I’m a little confused as to what they’re supposed to be doing. It seems like it’s morning coffee/tea, as evidenced by the cups some of them are holding. Not to mention what appears to be the glow of a sunrise. But then you’ve got Hawkgirl who’s…eating oatmeal? If this cover had a title, it might be “Breakfast with the Justice Society.”

Justice Society of America, Dan Hipp

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The New Golden Age #1 Micro-Review – Fun Ideas, No Coherence

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TITLE: The New Golden Age #1
AUTHOR: Geoff Johns
Various. Cover by Mikel Janin.

RELEASED: November 8, 2022

Coming in, I was under the impression The New Golden Age was going to be a look at the World War II era DC Universe, what the Justice Society of America was up to during that time, perhaps a little time travel to boot, etc. That’s not exactly what we got

There are a good amount of interesting and fun ideas in here. The trouble is that there’s a lack of coherence between them. For instance, does this take place in the main timeline? Or is it on an alternate Earth? Earth-2, perhaps? Is it a multiverse type thing?

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