TMNT: The Armageddon Game – The Alliance #4 Micro-Review – More Old Man Donatello

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TMNT Armageddon Game the Alliance 4, cover, February 2023, Roi Mercado Wiliam SoaresTITLE: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Armageddon Game – The Alliance #4
AUTHORS: Sophie Campbell, Erik Burnham
Brittany Peer, Roi Mercado, William Soares (Colorist), Nate Widick (Letterer), Shawn Lee (Letterer). Cover by Mercado & Soares.
February 15, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Artistically, this issue is really strong. Brittany Peer has a knack for the TMNT universe, and she does her own inks and colors to boot. Meanwhile, Roi Mercado’s work is delightfully clean, with figures that are dynamic-looking even while not necessarily doing anything dynamic.

This issue gives us another version of Old Man Donatello in the IDW continuity. Granted, it’s not the same Old Man Donatello we saw in the Turtles in Time book. But still.

I like this duo of Venus and Bludgeon (the big shark guy). More of them, please.

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