Power Rangers Beast Morphers, “Target: Tower” Review

***As big a Power Rangers fan as I am, I must admit: I’m a little behind on modern PR. Here’s where I attempt to fix that, as I check out episodes of Power Rangers Beast Morphers!***

Roxy, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Target TowerSERIES: Power Rangers Beast Morphers
S26:E19 – “Target: Tower”
Rorrie D. Travis, Jazz Baduwalia, Jacqueline Scislowski, Abraham Rodriguez, Liana Ramirez
Becca Barnes, Alwyn Dale, Johnny Hartmann
DIRECTOR: Simon Bennett
November 30, 2019
Evox’s forces enact a plan to steal an entire Morph-X tower.

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

The stakes are obviously high in this episode. It’s the penultimate episode of the first season, and we’ve got lots of drama with the transporters and the Morph-X tower, Devon and his father, as well as Ravi and Roxy.

That being said, certain characters act really stupid in “Target: Tower.”

Let’s talk about this van. Ben and Betty are riding around doing their comedy shtick when they happen to stumble upon a van that contains the three “mega transporters” that were stolen in the previous episode. Said van is guarded by a few Tronics. That’s it. No one else is guarding them. No Blaze, no Roxy, no monster.

This whole plan to infiltrate Grid Battleforce, get the transporters, and teleport the Morph-X tower into the Cyber Dimension was Blaze and Roxy’s, right? And yet, they stick the centerpieces to their plan in the middle of…a van? A van, no less, that’s guarded by Tronics, which Blaze even says are “useless.” If I’m Evox, I’m taking Blaze and Roxy off the planning committee for the foreseeable future.

Blue Ranger, van, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Target Tower

(Incidentally, if you look at the above image, you can see the crew in the reflection of the Blue Ranger’s visor. Whoops.)

Then later in the episode, Commander Shaw tells Ravi to drive the van containing the transporters back to Grid Battleforce. Keep in mind, when avatar Blaze and avatar Roxy infiltrated Grid Battleforce in the previous episode, they sabotaged the real Roxy’s stasis pod. They obviously did this as a strike at Ravi, who everyone knows is in love with the real Roxy. It’s common knowledge. The Rangers know it. The bad guys know it. And Commander Shaw, Ravi’s own mother, knows it.

So when the Rangers regain the transporters in this episode, Commander Shaw inexplicably tells Ravi to drive the van to Grid Battleforce. All the while knowing that he’s vulnerable to the bad guys doing exactly what they did, which is using the potential destruction of avatar Roxy, and thus the potential revival of the real Roxy, against him. Oye…

Also, why does Ravi have to drive the van back to Grid Battleforce? Don’t they have some kind of reconnaissance team that can take possession of the transporters to make sure they aren’t booby trapped or something?

On the up side, I like the way the conflict between Devon and his father comes to a head in this episode, with Mayor Daniels thinking Devon abandons him amidst an attack. The scene where Devon’s identity is revealed was great. Nice and dramatic.

Mayor Daniels, Power Rangers Beast Morphers, Target Tower

Mayor Daniels even gets in on the action in this episode, which is cool to see. Whenever somebody swings a shovel, you know they mean business…

I also love that none of the posters at Mayor Daniels’ campaign rally have his first name on them. They simply say, “Vote Daniels.” I had to wiki his first name. It’s Adam.

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