An X-Terminators #1 Micro-Review – “…if Barbie Was a Sex Addict.”

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X-Terminators 1, cover, 2022, Federico Vicentini, Matt MillaTITLE: X-Terminators #1 (of 5)
AUTHOR: Leah Williams
Carlos Gomez, Bryan Valenza (Colorist), Travis Lanham (Letterer). Cover by Federico Vicentini & Matt Milla.

RELEASED: September 21, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Picture what movies like Bridesmaids or Rough Night would be like in the Marvel Universe, and you’ve basically got X-Terminators. That’s a compliment. This first issue is a lot of fun, with our three girls (Dazzler, Jubilee, and Boom-Boom) having fun and getting into trouble.

Early in the issue, Jubilee gets a triad of awesome zingers on Boom-Boom. The best of which being: “You look like if Barbie was a sex addict.”

And yes, there is a sexy dimension to this book. So if that’s something you enjoy in your comic books, you’ll be satisfied here.

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