Epic Covers: Tim Drake: Robin #1 by Sweeney Boo

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

This week’s Tim Drake: Robin #1 has been a long time coming. As in, more than 10 years.┬áTim’s Red Robin series, which was really good, ended when the New 52 began. Then he got that awful costume, and he was downplayed, and it was just bad, and-

I fear I’ve gotten off topic.

I always appreciate when artists create content that’s sexy without beating us over the head with it. That’s exactly what Sweeney Boo does with this variant cover for Tim Drake: Robin #1. Yes, it shows off Tim’s muscles. But it’s all in the hand being behind the ear. It creates a shy sexuality that’s fitting, given all the emphasis on Tim being bisexual over the last year. That’s something that will no doubt be explored in this new series.

Here’s to a new era of Tim Drake stories!

Tim Drake Robin 1, cover, 2022, Sweeney Boo

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