Weekly Comic 100s: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

TITLE: Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1
AUTHOR: Daniel Jose Older
ARTISTS: Harvey Tolibao, Rebecca Nalty (Colorist), Jake M. Wood (Letterer)
RELEASED: February 3, 2021

This issue reminded me quite a bit of the first middle grade novel in the High Republic series, a Test of Courage. Both center around young heroes journeying outside their comfort zone and into dangerous territory. That’s not an accident, given the targeted audience of this series as opposed to the Marvel one.

We get an appearance from Yoda in this book that’s a little more drawn out. Again, his appearance isn’t an accident. He’s the only character we know that can serve as a lead-in to this time period. Not sure I’d expect to see him again soon.

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