A Robin & Batman #1 Micro-Review – Robin’s First Flight

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Robin & Batman 1, cover, 2021, Dustin NguyenTITLE: Robin & Batman #1
AUTHOR: Jeff Lemire
ARTISTS: Dustin Nguyen, Steve Wands (Letterer)
RELEASED: November 9, 2021

I was disappointed to see this story is only going to be three issues. There’s a lot to mine from Batman and Robin’s early adventures, told from Dick Grayson’s point of view. Especially with this creative team.

Jeff Lemire’s writing is mostly on point in terms of characterization, tone, mood, etc. But for my money, Nguyen is the star of this issue. He’s probably one of the most prolific Batman artists of this era. His sketchy-meets-painterly style is a great fit for Gotham City and its characters.

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