A Robin #9 Micro-Review – An Overachiever

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TITLE: Robin #9
AUTHOR: Joshua Williamson
Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund (Inker), Luis Guerrero (Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letterer). Cover by Simone di Meo.

RELEASED: December 28, 2021

This issue overachieves, in my opinion. The fight against the big “Lazarus Demon” is better than I thought it would be. Damian has a nice rah-rah moment with the other tournament fighters. There’s even big callback to Batman: Year One. Tough to ask for more, right?

Alfred is clearly cast as a paternal figure for Damian in these issues, which I have mixed feelings about. They lay it on a little thick in this issue in particular.

I’m still missing the classic red, green, and yellow Robin colors. When does the gray suit go away?

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