A Poison Ivy #9 Micro-Review – A Visit From Harley

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Poison Ivy 9, cover, February 2023, Jessica FongTITLE: Poison Ivy #9
AUTHOR: G. Willow Wilson
Marcio Takara, Arif Prianto (Colorist), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (Letterer). Cover by Jessica Fong.
February 7, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

This is my least favorite issue of Poison Ivy yet. While it may be blasphemous to some, I simply don’t buy into the idea of Ivy and Harley Quinn as a couple. Oddball best friends? Sure. But a couple? The loves of one another’s lives? No. Just not my flavor of ice cream. And yet, this series leans into it. So I suppose it’s a matter of taking the good with the bad.

I will say that the inherent sensuality in Takara and Prianto’s work here makes all the romance stuff more effective. Theoretically, at least.

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