A Justice League Infinity #5 Micro-Review – The Adventures of Superman and Superman

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Justice League Infinity 5, cover, 2021, Meghan HetrickTITLE: Justice League Infinity #5
AUTHORS: J.M. DeMatteis, James Tucker
ARTISTS: Ethen Beavers, Nick Filardi (Colorist), DC Hopkins (Letterer). Cover by Meghan Hetrick.
RELEASED: November 2, 2021

We get a lot thrown at us here. We’ve got Superman teaming with an alt-Earth Superman and a team of alt-Earth supervillains to fight a Nazi regime led by Vandal Savage. And it’s all narrated by Martian Manhunter. Oh, and the multiverse as we know it is falling apart. It works. But it’s definitely a lot to take in.

On the upside, Batman doesn’t get shoehorned into the center of things the way he does in a lot of modern Justice League stories. That’s how you know DeMatteis and Tucker are good at what they do.

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