Weekly Comic 100s: The Next Batman: Second Son #4

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

TITLE: The Next Batman: Second Son #4
AUTHOR: John Ridley
ARTISTS: Travel Foreman, Mark Morales & John Livesay (Inkers), Rex Lokus (Colorist), Deron Bennett (Letterer). Cover by Doug Braithwaite.
RELEASED: March 16, 2021

Tim Fox’s brother Luke Fox was Batwing, the New 52 hero who was essentially supposed to be the Batman of Africa. Even though Batwing fits pretty organically into this early portion of Tim Fox’s origin story as Batman, it somehow still feels like DC is trying to shoehorn him into this book. I’ll risk speaking for the majority of comic book fans when I say: We didn’t care about Batwing then, we don’t care about Batwing now.

The Fox family drama element in this book is surprisingly compelling. It feels natural. And unlike Batwing, not shoehorned in.

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