Toy Chest Theater: Horror Icons by Jeremy Hale

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

I don’t do horror very much. Nothing against it. Just isn’t my thing. Still, the overlap with the world of comic books is rather obvious. So it makes sense that they’d land in this space.

It makes even more sense when you see that the amazing Jeremy Hale does quite a bit of work with horror action figures. Case in point, the images you see here, which are among my favorites in his portfolio…

Hill has a tendency to photograph his figures with woodsy dioramas. When paired with the right lighting, it creates a deliciously ominous vibe. As always, my standard for great action figure photography is that, at least for a brief moment, it makes you forget you’re looking at a toy. All three of these images accomplish that.

What is it about water? With the right figure(s), the right lighting, and the right photographer, it can turn a strictly decent image into a great one. That’s the case with Jason and Pennywise here. Particularly in Jason’s case, as he’s got the lake in his origin story. Plus, the shot almost brings the viewer into the scene as his next victim…

More of Jeremy Hale’s work can be found on, as well as his Instagram.

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