A Nightwing 2022 Annual Micro-Review – A Little Training…

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Nightwing 2022 Annual, cover, November 2022, Eduardo PansicaTITLE: Nightwing 2022 Annual
AUTHORS: Tom Taylor, Jay Kristoff, C.S. Pacat
Eduardo Pansica, Inaki Miranda, Julio Ferreira (Inker), Adriano Lucas (Colorist), Wes Abbott (Letterer). Cover by Pansica, Ferreria, & Lucas.

RELEASED: November 29, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

In addition to an origin story for Heartless (shown on the cover), this issue gives us a really cute story about Haley/Bitewing. Quality stuff.

But my favorite of the three short stories we get in this Annual is about Nightwing doing a little training with Jon Kent. By and large, I think their friendship is a little bit forced. But C.S. Pacat, Inaki Miranda, and the creative team still manage to tell us an insightful story about Nightwing’s teaching methods compared to the one he grew up with under Batman.

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