A Batman: The Imposter #2 Micro-Review – Armored, Yet Gothic

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TITLE: Batman: The Imposter #2
AUTHOR: Mattson Tomlin
ARTISTS: Andrea Sorrentino, Jordie Bellaire (Colorist)
RELEASED: November 9, 2021

One of Andrea Sorrentino’s great gifts as an artist is designing stunning, mesmerizing two-page spreads. We saw a lot of those in Gideon Falls, and we get two of them here. He also draws a hell of a Batman. Even as armored up as this version is, he still manages to look dark and gothic. Beautiful work.

The Imposter has a great cinematic quality to it. Which I’m sure isn’t an accident, givenĀ The Batman screenwriter Mattson Tomlin’s involvement. It should be one of the first stories one dives into when exploring DC’s original Black Label books.

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