Weekly Comic 100s: Future State: Nightwing #1

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

TITLE: Future State: Nightwing #1
AUTHOR: Andrew Constant
ARTISTS: Nicola Scott, Ivan Plascencia (Colorist), Wes Abbott (Letterer). Cover by Yasmine Putri.
RELEASED: January 19, 2021

I was pleasantly surprised to see this issue tackle one of the elephants in the room: The relationship between Dick Grayson and the Future State Batman Timothy Fox. The issue doesn’t directly address why Fox, and not one of Bruce Wayne’s other protoges, didn’t take over as Batman. But at least we have two of them in the same room.

Nightwing’s base of operations is in the remains of Arkham Asylum, which I knew would happen with somebody at some point. It was just a matter of who. Arkham is just too fun a setting not to use.

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