Funko Pops as…Toys?

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

The Siebert house isn’t huge on Funko Pops. But we have some. Most notably, we’ve got Batgirl and Nightwing in our family room (shown left). We’ve also got Charlie Brown, and a few others down in our basement TV room.

Baby Primary Ignition, who’s about one and a half, keeps grabbing Batgirl and Nightwing off the end tables. Then yesterday she discovered Charlie Brown in the basement. She’ll carry the little wide-eyed figures around with her. She’ll bang them together. Charlie even joined us for a diaper change this morning.

So many collectors gather Funko Pops for display, customization, etc. It’s actually kind of a wonder to see these little toys used as…you know, toys. They might get a little beat up in the process. But somehow I’m okay with that…

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