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A Batman ’89 #1 Micro-Review – Back to the ’80s

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By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Batman 89 1, cover, 2021, Joe QuinonesTITLE: Batman ’89 #1 (of 6)
AUTHOR: Sam Hamm
ARTISTS: Joe Quinones, Leonardo Ito (Colorist), Clayton Cowles (Letterer)
RELEASED: August 10, 2021

This one didn’t give me the nostalgic feels like the first issues of Batman ’66 or Batman: The Adventures Continue. Though I’ll grant that having Sam Hamm, who co-wrote Batman and Batman Returns, gives it a certain authenticity.

This six-issue mini is giving us what the movies never got to: Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face. Hamm nicely fleshes out Harvey Dent, and even manages to plant a few story seeds. Quinones is doing his best to recreate the vibe from the movies, complete with late ’80s tech and that gothic architecture. All in all, a solid effort.

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