A Star Wars: Yoda #7 Micro-Review – Yoda vs. General Grievous

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Star Wars Yoda 7, cover, May 2023, Phil NotoTITLE: Star Wars: Yoda #7
AUTHOR: Marc Guggenheim
ARTISTS: Alessandro Miracolo, Annalisa Leoni (Colorist), Joe Caramagna (Letterer). Cover by Phil Noto.
RELEASED: May 3, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

As the cover indicates, we get a fight between Yoda and General Grievous in this issue. It manages to be a pretty good fight, with Yoda being more formidable than one might initially anticipate. “Size matters not,” etc.

Have we officially established that the voice Yoda hears during the Dagobah scenes is Qui-Gon Jinn? Who else could it be…?

This Yoda series is working for me. You wouldn’t necessarily think Yoda would work as the subject of an ongoing. But here we are.

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