A Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 Micro-Review – The Redundant Kryptonian

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Superboy the Man of Tomorrow 1, cover, April 2023, Jahnoy LindsayTITLE: Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1 (of 6)
AUTHOR: Kenny Porter
ARTISTS: Jahnoy Lindsay, Lucas Gattoni (Letterer)
RELEASED: April 18 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

What we have here is a story about Conner Kent flying into space and taking on an alien force that’s invading another planet. Pretty good stuff. It’s fun for what it is.

The part of the story that I really bit into, though, was the early portion. It explores the very meta notion that Conner has become very redundant in a world (Heck, a single city!) filled with Kryptonian super-people. Especially since Jon Kent arrived. What is it that makes this Superboy distinct and different? If we can’t answer that question, we may as well drop him again.

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