Batman: The Adventures Continue – Season Three #1 Micro-Review – A Tremendous Trip Down Memory Lane

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TITLE: Batman: The Adventures Continue – Season Three #1
AUTHORS: Alan Burnett, Paul Dini
Jordan Gibson, Monica Kubina (Colorist), Josh Reed (Letterer). Cover by Kevin Nowlan.
January 10, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Firstly, if you’re reading Batman’s dialogue and it’s not in the voice of the late Kevin Conroy, you’re doing it wrong.

For yours truly, the art literally makes or breaks these Adventures Continue stories. If you venture too far away from that Bruce Timm style, it kills the vibe. Thankfully, Jordan Gibson has mastered it. In terms of both the art and the writing, his felt like an episode of The New Batman Adventures. And when it comes to these issues, that’s the best you can hope for. It’s a tremendous trip down memory lane.

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