A Fantastic Four #3 Micro-Review – Pulling Punches

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TITLE: Fantastic Four #3
AUTHOR: Ryan North
Iban Coello, Jesus Aburtov (Colorist), Joe Caramagna (Letter). Variant cover by Alex Ross.
January 4, 2023

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

There’s a scene in this issue where a guy with no powers is punching the Human Torch, and Johnny is “turnin’ off your fire on impact.” In essence he’s making an effort to allow someone to beat him up by pulling back his fire powers. Because, you know, he’s the Human goddamn Torch.

I get not wanting to hurt people because you’re a good guy. But if you’re a bad guy, and you’re stupid enough to touch (much less punch) someone or something that’s on fire, you deserve what you get.

How’s that for wisdom?

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