An X-Terminators #4 Micro-Review – “The Occasional Bit of Cheesecake”

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X-Terminators 4, cover, December 2022, Federico Vicentini, Matt MillaTITLE: X-Terminators #4 (of 5)
AUTHOR: Leah Williams
Carlos Gomez, Bryan Valenza (Colorist), Travis Lanham (Letterer). Cover by Federico Vicentini & Matt Milla.
December 28, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

The sophomoric charm of X-Terminators remains intact. Though early on, this issue felt like it was trying a little too blatantly to earn its parental advisory. We get jokes about a pee fetish and cosmic condoms.

Last time I said this mini mixed popcorn fun with “the occasional bit of cheesecake.” I’m not sure what possessed me to say the cheesecake was occasional, as while it’s not always up in your face, it’s certainly more than an occasional factor. Case in point, Gomez and Valenza’s rendering of Emma Frost laying out in the grass to watch a baseball game.

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