Astonishing Art: Kevin Conroy by Dustin Lee Massey

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Yup. It’s another Kevin Conroy/Batman tribute. I have no regrets.

Conroy did actually get to lend his face to a live action version of Bruce Wayne in a 2019 episode of Batwoman. But that was an older, broken down, more Kingdom Come-ish version of the character. But this piece by Dustin Lee Massey depicts Conroy as a prime years version of Batman. And perhaps a more classical version of the character, given the blue and gray outfit, yellow utility belt, and large bat symbol on the chest. It’s a fitting tribute to Conroy, as he embodied the character of Batman as well as any live action actor ever has.

Kevin Conroy Batman, Dustin Lee Massey

And just for reference, here’s a clip of Conroy playing Bruce Wayne in the previously mentioned Batwoman episode. Hearing that classic Kevin Conroy Batman baritone in a live action setting is surreal and chilling in the best way possible.

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