Alex Ross Spotlight: Black Panther #12

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

I suppose I’m just not as well versed in my Avengers lore as I should be, as I didn’t know they had a big roundtable like we see on the cover to this week’s Black Panther #12. I know the classic Justice League has one. I guess in this case what’s good for one is good for the other…

This is a textbook set-up: One hero walking away from the other heroes to indicate isolation, separation, etc. But as T’Challa is walking toward the camera, we’re able to see Ross’ detailed rendering of his face and get a read on what’s going through his head at this pivotal moment.

One interesting element about this cover is that we get to see Ross depict these heroes in a more “down” moment. We’ve got Thor and Iron Man without their helmets sitting at the table. Their posture doesn’t indicate that they’re relaxed, per se. But they’re not springing into action, or mid-action, as a cover would often depict them. Oddly enough though, Captain America is still in full superhero mode, with his mask on and his shield strapped to his back. Somehow that feels right for Steve Rogers, who might take more of an all-business approach in a setting like this.

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