Batman – One Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1 Micro-Review – One Fundamental Flaw

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Batman One Bad Day Mr. Freeze 1, cover, 2022, Matteo Scalera, Dave Stewart, Mr. FreezeTITLE: Batman – One Bad Day: Mr. Freeze #1
AUTHOR: Gerry Duggan
Matteo Scalera, Dave Stewart (Colorist), Deron Bennett (Letterer)

RELEASED: November 15, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

My big issue with this…uh, issue, is that it paints Victor Fries as a bad apple even before the accident with his wife that turned him into Mr. Freeze. That waters down the tragedy element that makes the Mr. Freeze origin story so heart-breaking. The issue is otherwise well written and beautifully drawn. But it’s got that one fundamental flaw that drags it down.

On the upside, the story provides a nice glimpse into the kind heart of Dick Grayson, who is still Robin in this story.

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