A Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5 Micro-Review – A Little Too Meta

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Dark Crisis Young Justice 5, cover, 2022, MAx Dunbar, Luis GuerreroTITLE: Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5
AUTHOR: Meghan Fitzmartin
Laura Braga, Luis Guerrero (Colorist), Josh Reed (Letterer). Cover by Max Dunbar & Guerrero.

RELEASED: October 18, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

This one got a little too meta for my taste. Our newly revealed villain, Mickey Mxyzptlk, has a big monologue about Young Justice being a “generation in limbo” that wasn’t “set up for success” by their elders. This story has had a meta layer to it from the get-go. But it lays it on a little too thick here.

Thankfully there’s still a lot of good stuff here, particularly about the Young Justice team being a family. Dark Crisis: Young Justice may still be the best thing to come out of the Dark Crisis event overall.

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