Epic Covers: Batman #608 by Jim Lee

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

In celebration of today, Batman Day, I hereby present my favorite Batman cover of all time…

I don’t know where 2003’s Batman #608 stands as far as the great Batman covers go. (Though I’d certainly argue it’s a great one.) But Batman #608 has my personal favorite cover to ever adorn a comic book featuring the Dark Knight. Not just for it’s pure artistic quality, but for sentimental reasons…

Batman #608 is the comic book that made me a Wednesday Warrior. In other words, a comic book fan who buys new issues on the day they come out: Wednesday. (Of course, this was more than a decade and a half before DC stopped distributing through Diamond. But that’s a whole nother story.)

I’d been reading Batman graphic novels for awhile at that point. But I had yet to make my local comic shop a weekly destination. Then I heard about a new era beginning on the monthly Batman title, with two creators whose names I was only vaguely familiar with at that point…Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. Little did I know at that point how pivotal their influence would be on my life as a fan. And thus, I suppose, my life in general.

Batman 608, cover, 2003, Jim Lee

Like the era it was ushering in, this cover is bold and dynamic. It’s not just Batman standing around somewhere. Not only is it Batman mid-swing, but it’s Batman mid-swing throwing up a kick, which is a dichotomy we don’t necessarily see often. And yes, the rich detail of the bottom of his boot does help. Does it make the cover look a little bit like an ad for a sneaker? Maybe.

But here’s a fact: You’ll never see a sneaker ad look this damn cool or iconic.

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