Epic Covers: The Joker #15 by Brian Bolland

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

With Batman Day coming up this weekend, it may or may not be an appropriate time to feature the Clown Prince of Crime…

With The Killing Joke in 1988, Brian Bolland cemented his status as one of the definitive Joker artists of all time. So any time Bolland draws the character, it’s noteworthy. We were treated to Bolland’s latest rendering of the character with a variant cover for The Joker #15, which came out last month.

I talked recently about my fondness for single-color backgrounds on covers. This cover meets that criteria with a basic black background. We also have the Joker’s fake eye, which is a byproduct of recent events in Batman. So the character obviously has a different look than we’re used to getting from Bolland.

But what I dig more than anything about this cover is that it’s a modern take on Bolland’s classic cover for The Killing Joke. If The Killing Joke were released today (Which it would never be…), the cover would look something like this, given the advent of smartphones.

The Joker 15, variant cover, 2022, Brian Bolland

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