Toy Chest Theater: Sgt. Slaughter by Eddie Merriken

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

You know what’s weird? Sgt. Slaughter’s chin.

In this image from Eddie Merriken, the head doesn’t necessarily look like it belongs. It’s like everything else is this bad ass G.I. Joe adventure, and there’s this one character with a cartoon/caricature chin. But nope. That’s an actual human being, and an accurate rendering of the real-life Robert Remus’ head. It’s like the man was crafted by God to be a living cartoon character.

But of course, this is an awesome image regardless of the…chin factor. It’s the background that really makes it. Having the other soldiers shrouded in the mist (or is it smoke?) sets a great mood. The pose and high level of detail in the figure help immensely as well.

Sgt. Slaugter, G.I. Joe, Eddie Merriken

The caption on the image reads: Sarge leads Delta Team on a Mission in Colombia to take out a well known Cartel Leader…

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