A Deathstroke Inc. #12 Micro-Review – Missing Green Arrow

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Deathstroke Inc 12, cover, 2022, Mikel JaninTITLE: Deathstroke Inc. #12
AUTHOR: Ed Brisson
Dexter Soy, Veronica Gandini (Colorist), Steve Wands (Letterer). Cover by Mikel Janin.
August 23, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

This issue made me realize just how much I miss Green Arrow in an ongoing series…

It’s not necessarily easy to make the Emerald Archer look tough, especially when he’s sporting the Robin Hood hat. But Brisson, Soy, and this team manage to pull it off, giving us a pretty cool fight between Ollie and Slade. If this issue is any indicator, I wouldn’t mind giving them said Green Arrow ongoing series.

I buy this issue as the start of Ollie and Slade’s rivalry. In that sense, it very much accomplishes its goal.

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