An X-Men Legends #1 Micro-Review – Classic, Yet Modern

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X-Men Legends 1, cover, 2022, Kaare AndrewsTITLE: X-Men Legends #1
AUTHOR: Roy Thomas
Dave Wachter, Edgar Delgado (Colorist), Joe Caramagna (Letterer). Cover by Kaare Andrews.
August 10, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

It’s obviously a treat to get something new from the legendary Roy Thomas, one of the architects of the Marvel Universe…

But as much as anything, it’s awesome to see Dave Wachter and Edgar Delgado’s work here. The former’s work is richly detailed. The latter uses a slightly darker color palette that evokes a classic Marvel tale, but also feels modern.

What’s more, there’s some nice meat on the bone here from a writing perspective. This issue wasn’t at the top of my stack this week. But it just might be my favorite of the week.

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