A Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 Micro-Review – In Good Hands

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Dark Crisis Young Justice 1, cover, 2022, Todd NuackTITLE: Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 (of 6)
AUTHOR: Meghan Fitzmartin
Laura Braga, Luis Guerrero (Colorist), Pat Brosseau (Letterer). Variant cover by Todd Nuack & Matt Herms.

RELEASED: June 21, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Meghan Fitzmartin has impressed the hell out of me lately. Not just with this issue, but her handling of Tim Drake’s emergence as bisexual. Tim’s new ongoing series is in good hands with her.

Fans of Tim, Conner Kent, Bart Allen, and Cassandra Sandsmark should lap this one up. It’s got nods and tributes to their history in and beyond the original Young Justice series. It also has a very relatable core story about this seemingly lost generation of heroes struggling to find their place in the world. I’m all in on this one.

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