A Captain America #0 Micro-Review – Hot and Ready

***This is where we keep it nice and simple. Comic book reviews in 100 words or less. Straight, concise, and to the point.***

Captain America 0, 2022, cover, Alex RossTITLE: Captain America #0
AUTHORS: Tochi Onyebuchi, Jackson Lanzing, Colin Kelly
Mattia de Iluis, Joe Caramagna (Letterer). Cover by Alex Ross.

RELEASED: April 20, 2022

From an in-story standpoint, this issue doesn’t give us a hell of a lot to latch on to as it relates to this “new era” for Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.

It is, however, gorgeously drawn by Mattia de Iluis, as our two Captains take on Arnim Zola. It’s high octane and high energy, not to mention high heat. An enjoyable fight, albeit not as gripping as it might have been.

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