A Robin #12 Micro-Review – A Bogus Belt Buckle

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Robin 12, cover, 2022, Victor BogdanovicTITLE: Robin #12
AUTHOR: Joshua Williamson
Roger Cruz, Norm Rapmund (Inker), Luis Guerrero (Colorist), Troy Peteri (Letterer). Cover by Victor Bogdanovic.

RELEASED: March 22, 2022

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Look at Robin’s belt buckle. It’s stylized to look like a D. As in Damian. That’s lame. Like, really lame.

On the subject of the Robin costume, Damian fights an evil version of himself in this issue, who’s got alternate outfit that works well as a one-off. Honestly, sometimes I wish Damian’s gray suit was just a one-off. I miss the colors.

Roger Cruz isn’t the first to draw Damian with an older, slightly taller look. Is this becoming the norm? If so, that’s not bad. I’d just like to see it more consistently rendered across the DCU.

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