A Deathstroke Inc. #4 Micro-Review – Excitement and Possibility

***This is where we keep it nice and simple. Comic book reviews in 100 words or less. Straight, concise, and to the point.***

Deathstroke Inc 4, cover, 2021, Howard PorterTITLE: Deathstroke Inc. #4
AUTHOR: Joshua Williamson
Howard Porter, Hi-Fi (Colors), Steve Wands (Letterer)

RELEASED: December 28, 2021

Deathstroke Inc. is essentially our title character and Black Canary facing off against a mixed bag of enemies from across the DC Universe. In this issue, for instance, we get the Legion of Doom.

I’ve talked in the past about how that approach creates a feeling that Williamson is simply throwing a bunch of off-the-wall ideas into one story. But the upside of that approach is that it feels like anything can happen in Deathstroke Inc. That makes for a lot of excitement. Not to mention possibility.

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