A Robin & Batman #2 Micro-Review – A Story Without a Middle?

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Robin and Batman 2, cover, 2021, Dustin NguyenTITLE: Robin & Batman #2
AUTHOR: Jeff Lemire
ARTISTS: Dustin Nguyen, Steve Wands (Letterer)

RELEASED: December 14, 2021

Robin & Batman started as a small scale story about Dick Grayson’s early days in Gotham with Batman and Alfred. But in this issue we veered off into a story where he meets the rest of the original Teen Titans for the first time. It’s all well and good by its own merits. But it feels a little bit like Lemire didn’t have a middle for his story, so he plugged in this Titans stuff.

It is, however, very cool to see Dustin Nguyen draw the Teen Titans. It’s usually cool to see Dustin Nguyen’s work in general.

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