A Batgirls #1 Micro-Review – Outside of Comfort Zones

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Batgirls 1, cover, 2021, Jorge CoronaTITLE: Batgirls #1
AUTHORS: Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad
ARTISTS: Jorge Corona, Sarah Stern (Colorist), Becca Carey (Letterer)

RELEASED: December 14, 2021

This kind of art on a Batgirl book is a little bit of an acquired taste for me. But I’m thinking all it’ll take is another issue or two for me to get used to it.

There’s a lot to like about Batgirls #1. The chemistry between Barbara Gordon, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown is fun to read. I also like that, because of the nature of their villain, they have to go low tech. It pushes Babs out of her comfort zone, as does mentoring two young live-in heroes.

Bottom line? Given time, Batgirls could be really good.

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