A Human Remains #1 Micro-Review – Nothing More Than Feelings

***This is where we keep it nice and simple. Comic book reviews in 100 words or less. Straight, concise, and to the point.***

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

Human Remains 1, cover, 2021, Sally CantirinoTITLE: Human Remains #1
AUTHORS: Peter Milligan
ARTISTS: Sally Cantirino, Dearbhla Kelly (Colorist), Andworld Design (Letters)
RELEASED: October 13, 2021

In terms of premise, Human Remains is basically A Quiet Place, but with feelings instead of sounds. Given how stirred up and divided the world is right now (Or is it always that way?), it’s particularly apropos.

The book does a good job of showing us the wide scope of those effected by the monsters. Naturally, that’s necessary this early on when you’re still establishing who and what they are.

Sally Cantrino’s art isn’t the most sophisticated you’ll ever see. But it works here. Particularly when it comes to the monsters. Human Remains is definitely worth a look.

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