Weekly Comic 100s: Star Wars: The High Republic #3

***This is where we keep it nice and simple. Comic book reviews in 100 words or less. Straight, concise, and to the point.***

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

TITLE: Star Wars: The High Republic #3
AUTHOR: Cavan Scott
ARTISTS: Ario Anindito, Mark Morales (Inker), Annalisa Leoni (Colorist), Ariana Maher (Letterer). Cover by Phil Noto.
RELEASED: March 3, 2021

The more of these High Republic stories I read, the more I’m convinced they should have started small. Pick one character, and focus in on their adventures. For instance, in this issue we follow a character named Keeve Trennis as she searches for a fellow jedi alongside a young child. It provides great insight into her character, the duty of a jedi, and the challenges they face as it relates to the dark side and fear.

In this instance, I think character development should have preceded world-building.

There’s a hutt autopsy in this issue. I…can’t…look away…

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