Daddy’s C-3PO Impression Wins the Day

By Rob Siebert
Fanboy Wonder

I do impressions around the house a lot. What can I say? I’m a voice actor and a performer. It’s just what I do. When I became a father, I inevitably started doing goofy voices for Baby Primary Ignition. But now that she’s a little older (about a year and a half), I’m starting to get something I never got before: Feedback.

So today out of the blue, she hands me a little plush C-3PO (shown above), and looks at me expectantly. I bust out my Threepio impression, which is in essence a flummoxed British dude: “Oh! Miss [First Name]! Oh! Oh My!”

Moments later, Threepio reported: “Oh my! You seem to have soiled your pants.”

I always told myself I’d never push the things I love on to my kids. If they happen to enjoy Star Wars, that’s great. If they like something else, that’s great too.

But I won’t lie: Seeing her response positively to Threepio made my day. Maybe, just maybe, we have a future Jedi on our hands…

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